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Tartan Paint Games Studio

Cloud Imperium Keypad Minigame

The second brief we were tasked to complete as part of our professional project was set by Cloud Imperium, the studio behind Star Citizen. We were asked to develop a short playable prototype for a door-locking minigame that would be suitable for Star Citizen. We spent a week researching, designing, and prototyping a solution to this brief.


Development Team

Morgan Skillicorn – Producer / Gameplay Designer / Programmer
James Muirhead – Gameplay Designer / UI Designer
Lewis Goodnight – Designer
Gianluca Pumoni – Lead Programmer
Daniel Pukkila – Animator / Technical Artist
Nathaniel Hammersley – Animator / Technical Artist
Brett Ebner – Lead Artist / Environment Artist
Ryan Geddes – Concept Artist / Environment Artist / Graphic Designer