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Aki is the first game we have made together as a team of eight and makes up a large part of our year three professional project module: DES310 at Abertay University. The bulk of development on Aki took place in the form of a one week game jam style period as we followed a brief set by Into Games. After week one we had a very solid playable prototype and were able to get some great feedback on our idea from some great industry professionals. We then used this feedback to improve Aki in the following few weeks in a much less intense period of development. We also used this time to polish and optimise the game so that it could be played and tested by a much larger audience later on. During the 2021 SGDA play party, we showcased Aki and won the community choice award, we were absolutely thrilled! You can play the latest test build of Aki by heading over to our Itch.io page or by clicking the above link!


Development Team

Morgan Skillicorn – Producer / Gameplay Designer
James Muirhead – Gameplay Designer / UI & Audio Designer
Lewis Goodnight – Level Designer / Gameplay Designer
Gianluca Pumoni – Programmer
Daniel Pukkila – Animator / Technical Artist
Nathaniel Hammersley – Animator / Technical Artist
Brett Ebner – Character Artist / Environment Artist
Ryan Geddes – Concept Artist / Environment Artist

Many thanks to Michael Hamilton – Composer