Tartan Paint

Tartan Paint Games Studio


We are Tartan Paint! A team of students at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland. We are currently working on a few projects as part of our third year professional project in a brief set by IntoGames. Check out what we have created and find out more about the team below!


Abertay University: Professional Project Briefs

The Team

Tartan Paint is a multidisciplinary team of students from Abertay University. Morgan, James & Daniel met in year two where they worked on Out of Your Depth and decided that they would continue to work together and form a new team for the third year professional project. The team now consists of the following people:

Morgan Skillicorn
James Muirhead
Gameplay Designer/UI & Audio Designer
Lewis Goodnight
Level Designer/Gameplay Designer
Gianluca Pumoni
Daniel Pukkila
Animator/Technical Artist
Nathaniel Hammersley
Animator/Technical Artist
Brett Ebner
Character Artist/Environment Artist
Ryan Geddes
Concept Artist/Environment Artist